Republic Of New Emersonac CityEdit

The Democratic & Capitalist Republic of New Emersonac City, commonly referred as New Emersonac City, is a self-declared autonomous political entity which claims to be a sovereign state, but macronational authorities consider it as a micronation and do not recognise it as a macronation. The nation is located in the Dambovita county of Romania, 23 kilometers away from Ploiesti. Their presence has been since then made public, with an official Youtube channel, a Wiki page and even a website (

History Edit

The history actually starts with a idea that sparked in Andrew's mind in the year 2010, when he discovered LEGO for the first time: Making a LEGO City! So Mr Emersonac made a city from different toys and called it "LEGO City". As days went on, the city was renamed to weirder names (Such as Play St Louis), but the colors Blue and White has inspired the president to make the Blue Striped White Flag, which still stands today.

The history separates there, as the Lego City (Renamed Legoland Town) still stands proudly on the President's hallway, still keeping its flag.

And so, inspired by Molossia, Vikesland and Calsahara, Republic Of New Emersonac City was born, taking the same design as the classic flag.

Nation Data per Year Edit

Average rainfall: ~1294 litres/year

Average snowfall: N/A

Average Hailstorms: 1 next to none

Space Agencies Edit

The New Emersonac City Space Agency is a private space mission agency ran by The President.

Their first launch happened on 1st of June, 2018, in a grand ceremony.

AndrewBurg Edit

AndrewBurg is the capital of the Republic. Its also the biggest city, right ahead HooverVille. It is connected to the outside world by the Emersonac Turnpike (A1), Western Highway (A2) and Don Street (DN1)

Money Edit

The Official Currency of the nation is called "Turquoise Dollar".

At first it was Carly Dollars, but it got changed due to ink cost. Then we had Eme, but it only lasted for a month, due to the poor name of the currency. Now there is The Turquoise Dollar (TD). The Nation also produces bills of 1 TD, 2 TD, 5 TD, 10 TD, 50 TD, 100 TD, and 500 TD.

TD's also have a great exchange policy: 2 ice creams bought from a local shop outside the nation can bring you 10 TD if you give it to the President.

Qty Td Qty Usd Qty Euro Qty Leu
1 1$ 50 cents 1 EUR 4 LEI

~ Adjusted for inflation

Entertainment Edit

The Country's entertainment source and Television is ran by Emersonac Studios, also posting some of the entertainment videos on the popular platform of YouTube.

Songs Edit

Favourite songs include 7Th Element by Vitas, Hollerado, Michael Jackson and O-Zone.

Measurement SystemsEdit

The nation mostly uses the Metric system, but sometimes the Imperial system is used.

Military Edit

The N.E.C Military Arsenal consists of:

Material Things Oty. Codename Description
Pressure Bombs 0 ( in dev.) R2H-B A boiling bomb, capable of blowing up

major cities and communes.

RC Helicopter w/ spy cam 1 ( broken) Panther-1


A helpful spy helicopter that is capable of

spying on angry neighbours!

Airsoft Guns (13) 13 AirSoft1-13


and so on!

The main weapons of defense.
Nerf Guns w/ puchpins added on bulllets 2 NF1 Super easy weapon, useful for shooting competitions when there is a dartboard involved.
ICBM 2 Ic6 Firework launcher on a skateboard!
Bombers 4 Bomb4 Helicopter with a remote controlled airsoft grenade! They work like a kamikaze.
Insecticides A lot! IDD Useful for spider removal and for killing mosquitos
Paper Guns 2 PPR7 Useful for shooting magnets on the enemy's fridge!
Cute kittens!! 4 2CUTE4U P E R F E C T I O N
Naval Infantry (Boats) 1 "Voyager" Useful for naval missions. With its hardsink technology it can float for at least a month!
Missiles (explosive) 0 (in-purchase) FireWork5 Fireworks are great for aerial nighttime shows and for distracting the enemy!

Education System Edit

The N.E.C Education is very different.

The kids are taken outside, and there they can learn about things and actually see them in real life! It only lasts 30 minutes and the system is open from chickens to kittens! The ed. system is also free and more efficient that normal, boring school. Also there is no homework.

Exploration Edit

The school gives free exploration to all the children, showing them real things and learning through fun!

Transportation System Edit

The N.E.C Transportation system consists of a extensive route of container and passenger transport! [1]LEGO Rail logos

Train Edit

The railway that operates in here is the Lego Rail.

Truck Edit

The trucks have more extensive routes that train, as they can go over any highway!


The cargo ships cannot reach N.E.C , as its a landlocked country.

Landmarks & Geography Edit

Landmarks Edit

The country's landmarks are very popular amonghst tourists, but the most notable ones are the Bank of N.E.C and the Tree of Youth.

Landmark Location Photo Description
Bank of N.E.C AndrewBurg N/A Where the nation's money is held.
Tree of Youth A1 N/A Legends say there once lived a magic kitten and if you touch the tree it gives you heal doses.
War Memorial AndrewBurg N/A Made to remember the N.E.C War with the Mosquitoes.
Freedom Tower AndrewBurg N/A This massive structure, made of wood and bricks, stands 10 feet tall (~4 m) above roadway level and symbolises the wealth, rich culture and the freedom of speech to all New Emersonac Citisens.

[2]The Pan-European Corridor Symbol

Roadways Edit

The nation has quite a few roadways. [3]The Highway Identification Numbers

Roadway Code Length Date of completion
Emersonac Turnpike A1 Border - AndrewBurg 4.4.2018
Western Highway A2 Hooverville - Forth Worth - Rattlesnake Rift Under Construction Completion Date (estimated) : 2019
Transfagarasan B1 AndrewBurg - Pinewood Residence 4.5.2018
Arlington Avenue B2 Hooverville - Fort Worth 1.5.2018
Don street C1 AndrewBurg ( Norton Park - Bus stop) 1.5.2018

Important Events Edit

Event Date Why was the event made? Description
First Flag Raising Evening of 3 April 2018 To let Romanians know we have declared independence! Most important thing of all.
Spider Movement Still Ongoing To exterminate all spiders. The president has arachnophobia.

The worst type of it.

First MicroNews Broadcast 16 May 2018 To inform everybody N/A
The Great Mosquito War Still Ongoing War declared on Mosquitos! We used a fly swatter to kill them, but we will use tanks with insecticide!

War with another micronation Edit

On 18 of May 2018, The Prez's mother made a small micronation inside the Presidential House, and the president donated a 1 x 1 meter area to start with. Before Andrew could realise where this was going, he put the military to a stand-by.

Then, N.E.C started to annex back the land given to his mother, using Nerf Guns, and throwing LEGO guns. The LEGO minifigs helped defend N.E.C from a invasion, before Andrew Baltag "Emersonac" signed a armistice with his mother's nation.

The war was officially ended by citisens.

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